HOI4 Match Today + New Rules + Surprise

HOI4 Match Today + New Rules + Surprise

Hello gamers! We are hosting another HOI4 match today at 18:00 CET

Host: Alcatraz 

There will be an update in our rules: 

  • All submarines are banned


"We decided to ban all submarines because they are too powerful and cheap to invest. We thought that historically Allies had the initiative when it came to the sea, but in the recent DLC it became way to easy for Germany to convoy raid Allies. This is not a final decision, if Paradox will nerf subs or if we find another alternative we will bring subs back in game." 

Also, this game there will be rewards for the winner team. Every player on the winning side will get 1 random steam key.

You can reserve a nation on this page, right below.

Join our Teamspeak fuwg.ts3srv.pw

Good luck in the game (lobby simulator).